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How To Apply A Ceramic Coating To Your Car !!

Hey, what's up guys welcome to another episode of Pandi organizer on today's show we're going to talk about ceramic coatings, so it's all the craze lately in the car detailing world. So I'm going to tell you what they are, what they do, more importantly: how to properly use them and apply them, and I'm going to give you some tips and tricks to make your experience super simple and when we're done, you'll learn everything you need to know About ceramic coatings, so if you watch car detailing videos on YouTube, you've probably seen guys use products like these ones, so they come in a little bottle typically, so these are ceramic coatings. They also call them nano coatings or glass coatings because essentially inside they're, the main active ingredient is silica dioxide or sio2, and essentially it adds a layer of glass onto your car's paint. So for the purpose of this video we're going to be detailing my own BMW, 435i X, Drive Gran Coupe, a M Sport Edition and to do so I'll be using the consumer grade car pro C quarts. Uk Edition ceramic coating, all right so you'll see I'll, keep it super simple and you guys will be able to do the same in your own homes. So let's go ahead and start the show. So hey guys. I'M pan welcome back to all my regular viewers and for all of you, for whom it's the first time that you watch one of my YouTube videos take a second and click the subscribe button that way you'll never miss my future videos. Okay. So today we're talking about ceramic coatings. Some people also call them glass, coatings or nano coatings, but they're all essentially the same, because they contain the same active molecule which is silica dioxide or sio2. So what silica dioxide is is essentially, it brings a layer of glass on top of your car's paint to protect it. So the main advantages of using ceramic coatings are extreme durability, so typically the consumer level products lasts anywhere from a year to two years and then in professional level products, the last upwards of two years up to six or seven years. They add extreme gloss to your car's paint. They also have crazy, hydrophobic properties, meaning that water is going to bead and sheet off the paint extremely well. They have UV protection built in and also they have what we call self-cleaning properties. So when it's raining and you're rolling on the road, it actually helps lift dirt off the surface and repel it. So when we think about paint protection, we typically think about v2 classics which are carnauba LAX's. Those are organic products coming from plants in in Brazil and they last anywhere from two to three months, and then we have paint sealants, which are a synthetic paint, protection and those lasts anywhere from five to six months. So chemists came up with a new form of paint protection about a decade ago in Japan and South Korea, and they invented this type of ceramic coating, which essentially adds a layer or a glass coat on top of your clear coat. And that is extremely glossy and extremely durable. A lot of people might be scared about the word ceramic coating. But honestly, if you follow my tips and tricks' you'll be able to get the consumer level product and do the same thing to your car and you'll love. The effect by the way, guys I'll drop some links in the description down below to all the products that I'll talk about today and I'll also give you my recommendations and jes cheon's, about which ceramic coatings that you can buy. That'Ll be easy to apply easy to use and that will give you break results. Okay, so come with me and I'll. Show you every single step, that's needed in order to apply a ceramic coating on your car's paint. Okay, so we're first going to start by rinsing. The paint thoroughly using a pressure washer next up, we move to the pre-wash stage, using a foam cannon and a snow foam, Music, ] Music ]. Before I wash the paint, I usually start by cleaning the wheels. These are the dirtiest parts of the vehicle, and to do so, I use a third separate bucket. That'S dedicated for wheel, cleaning, [, Music, ], [, Music ], all right! So I'm now going to wash the paint using the safe wash techniques which consists of the two bucket method. So one bucket contains just the rinse water to rinse the mitt off and the second bucket is the washing solution always start with the top portion of the car and work. Your way to the lower portions, as these are the dirtiest parts of the vehicle, Music. ] Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ]. Typically in the chemical decontamination stages, we will use a tar remover and an iron filings remover. So these products usually spray on clear and they change color. When they react, we let it low for 4 to 5 minutes and rinse off. The second decontamination stage is the manual decontamination of the paint using a clay bar and clay bar lubricant. To do so, you spray some clay bar lubricant on the surface, and you rub the clay bar up and down and left and right, be very gentle, no need to apply a lot of pressure, and this step will help pick up any remaining contaminants that are embedded In the clear coat Music ] before you apply a ceramic coating to your vehicle, you got to make sure that your paint is as perfect as possible because these are semi-permanent coatings and they seal any defects that are left on the surface. So you're going to typically compound your paint using a compound and dual action: polisher. If you have deep scratches and swirl marks and if, like my BMW, you only have some light swirl marks. Well, you can use a finishing polish. This way, you'll remove any remaining scratches and swirls and also give the paint a nice gloss, [, Music, ]. After the polishing stages, you want to make sure to spray an isopropyl alcohol mix on the surface and wipe with a microfiber cloth to remove any residual polishing oils. This will ensure a proper bonding of the ceramic coating Music ]. So in a typical ceramic coating box, you get a bunch of different products. So typically you get a silica spray that contains silica dioxide. You get the ceramic coating itself, you get a foam, applicator block and you get some micro suede applicator cloth, Music ]. So you take your phone lock, you wrap your micro suede applicator around it. You make sure to take your ceramic coating bottle and shake it very well and then you'll open it and pour enough content to make a line on your micro, suede, [, Music, ] you're, going to apply the ceramic coating in a crosshatch pattern, meaning up to down And left to right movements and manufacturers recommend that you work in small sections, typically in two by two sections: [: Music, ] differently, [, Music ]. So, as I said, work the product in small sections and don't let it dry for too long. Typically, after 20 to 30 seconds, the product will flash. So it's ready to be removed using a high quality microfiber cloth. I recommend using a low pile 300 to 360 GSM cloth. It makes removal a lot easier also when you're going to be done. Buffing, the car make sure to throw away the microfiber towel as the silica dioxide will dry up and potentially scratch and Mar the paint, if used again, once you've removed the ceramic coating. You wait 30 minutes to an hour and then you're going to spray on some spray silica. So the spray silica will prevent any water spots from happening in the next week as the product is curing on the paint and also, it would add, more gloss and more hydrophobicity to your ceramic coating. So when you've completed all the steps, you have to make sure to let the product here on the paint for a minimum of 12 to 24 hours without any contact with water. So, ideally, you want to leave a part in a garage, [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ] [, Music ]. While those results were absolutely incredible, you saw just how glossy the paint was and also you were able to see the hydrophobic effect. So just how much of the water, beads, repels and sheets of the car's paint all right so to summarize all the tips and tricks for you guys to have a super positive experience at home. When applying a ceramic coating, you got to make sure the first properly wash and prep your car's paint that's essential, because once that semi-permanent layer of protection is added to your car's paint, it seals all the defects that might be under it. So you've got a properly pre wash wash your paint. Then you got to go ahead with the chemical and physical decontamination, so the irony movers, the tar removers the clay bar also in the end, you got to make sure that you compound the paint. If you have a lot of deep scratches and swirls arcs, some cars like mine, only need a sort of polish so to have all the lights, whirls and light scratches removed. When you're done the compounding and polishing stages, you got to make sure absolutely sure to use an IPA, so isopropyl alcohol to remove the polishing oils and that way, you'll have a slick surface. That'S ready to receive the paint, protection and it'll help the ceramic coating bonds to the paint when you're applying your ceramic coating to the paint again make sure you use a crosshatch pattern, which means up and down left and right. Don'T let the product sit too long on the cars paint so as soon as it flashes within I'd, say 20 to 30 seconds, make sure to remove with a microfiber towel that microfiber towel should have a short nap so anywhere from 300 to 360 GSM it'll gladly And easily help you remove that ceramic coating, so you buff it off after waiting half an hour to an hour. Typically, the consumer level ceramic coatings come with a form of silica spray, so that's meant to protect to the car against any water spotting during the next week, while the paint is curing. So that's very important. Also, you got to make sure that's once you've finished, applying the steps for your ceramic coating, you let the paint sit the garage or no contact with water for a minimum of 12 to 24 hours, so make sure you follow the instructions on your bottles and also You got to maintain your coating, so it's not only applying it and forgetting it. No, it's very important if you want to maintain the integrity of your ceramic coating, that every time you wash it, you use a pH neutral soap and a shampoo that will reset your ceramic coating, Sol rideth of any contaminants and get the paint protection performing as good As it can so in the case of car pro, they have their reset shampoo. So this is great and safe for ceramic coatings. You don't want to have any additives inside like waxes. This is going to safely remove all the contaminants off of the paint. Also, every two to three months or even quicker than that, if you want every company typically has a silica spray to maintain and top off your ceramic coating. So it's going to add more gloss. It'S going to also add UV protection, but, more importantly, it also tops off the silica dioxide content of your ceramic coating. So this one here is corporal reload, so it's a spray sealant super easy to apply. You basically spray on and buff off and you've got to see this as a sort of sacrificial layer on top of your paint protection. So, if anything is to happen, it will first go through the sacrificial layer and it won't affect your ceramic coating. So if you follow these easy steps and techniques, you're going to love applying a ceramic coating on your car and it'll, make maintenance afterwards super simple, so you basically washed you're going to top it off with your favorite spray, sealant and you're good to go. So I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial. I always try to make my videos super simple to understand. So, if you like, my content once again smash the thumbs up button to, let me know that you care also take a second and click. The subscribe button that way you'll never miss my future videos. I have a lot more car detailing videos on my youtube channel, for you guys to check them out so from car, washes to DIY videos to what equipment to purchase to products and brand reviews. Basically, you name it, you can go watch it on my channel. I am blessed with an amazing audience, so thank you guys for being there and, in the meantime, don't forget, keep it tight. Keep it clean and I'll see you guys on the next one: Music, ]


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