Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Pipeline Erosion Protection, protective coating for pipes

It blocks corrosion, reduces, wear and abrasion and minimizes friction rugged, tough and revolutionary. When it comes to internal coatings for industrial applications, inner Armour is the solution for you. Sub one technology has invented inner Armour, a patented revolutionary coating technology for depositing hard, smooth and pure coatings. On internal surfaces, inner armor blocks corrosion, it minimizes friction, wear and abrasion erosion, scaling and fouling, and this helps keep costs down. Less friction and wear means less downtime and lower maintenance costs. At the same time, inner armor maximizes flow and helps protect the environment. It keeps content pure liquid or gaseous inner armor is applicable across a broad spectrum of industries, everything from chemical processing to oil and gas, from pulp and paper to food processing, from medical to semiconductor public utilities to aerospace. Inner armor is the internal coating solution for your industry. Inner armor technology uses a hollow cathode plasma, enhanced CVD process, creating a coating superior to chrome plating, thermal spraying and polymer lining it's a patented process for applying coatings to conductive parts, including the interior of curved grooved and other odd shaped parts after the part, is mounted In an inner Armour system, the coating is applied by injecting gases in three steps step. One cleans the part step, two creates an adhesive bond and Step three applies. A gradient coating such as diamond, like carbon. The inner Armour system pulses the part with DC voltage during each phase to activate the plasma and evenly distribute the coating. The result is a hard corrosion resistant metal based film that can be cost-effectively applied in ER. Armor can be added to industrial pipes, pumps valves this sleeves cylinders. Virtually any internal surface can be coated. Inner Armour coatings have passed standard corrosion tests, including sweet-and-sour autoclave and 1000, plus our salt spray tests, an inner armor coated pipe has less than half the wear rate of a stainless steel. Pipe friction is reduced to less than one-tenth of that created by uncoated steel and when it comes to resisting erosion, inner armor withstands, the ASTM standard g76 abrasive air jet test with no surface damage. Just look at the difference. The pipe on the left is coated with inner armor compared to a non coated pipe. Our mission here at sub-1 technology is to continuously expand and improve on the inner armor technology. The work with major corporations around the world - we've partnered with the best service providers in different geographic areas, to give our customers access to technology wherever they might need inner armor technology is available through sub ones. Expanding global network of certified coding service providers to maintain critical component and pipe integrity and to cut wear and tear costs, call sub one technology ask for the revolutionary inner armor coating processes. Today you

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