Wednesday, June 12, 2019

PCT - Protective Coating Technology

Until recently liked, alloy metals such as aluminum and magnesium were limited to less demanding applications where corrosion and wear were not an issue. But now PCT protective coating technology provides a surface protection solution for light metals for which conventional surface treatments such as anodization fail. Pct actually converts the surface of the metal into a corrosion and wear resistant ceramic layer. How does it work, unlike traditional anodization, the PCT process uses specially modulated electrical pulses of hundreds of volts, thereby creating dramatic plasma reactions each with the power of millions of lightning bolts to form a unique ceramic protection layer that is chemically inert to the harshest of acids And harder than steel, sand and glass for unmatched wear resistance and, most importantly, the process is absolutely environmentally friendly, containing no acids, fumes or waste, and no health or safety dangers. The basic technology micro arc oxidation was originally developed for the Russian space program, but PSG's breakthrough process enables large-scale industrialization of this innovative technology in ways never before possible. Pc T's breakthrough was born of a joint venture between IDE technologies, a world leader in water treatment systems and adjoining a specialist in development of next-generation surface treatment solutions. Pct met its first big challenge head-on: supplying 150 thousand ceramic protected aluminum tubes to India's largest water desalination plant, replacing titanium and stainless steel tubing for huge material cost savings. The PCT technology enables design engineers to employ lightweight alloys and previously unimaginable emotive aerospace, military process, industrial applications, heat exchangers, oil and gas exploration and subsea versions, with its strong adhesion and unique wear and chemical resistance. Pct is a perfect green replacement for carcinogenic, hard chrome plating. In machine rollers and drums bringing the world the technologies of the future from an ancient blend, PCT provides the newest way of protecting light metals unmatched by conventional surface methods and enables industrial designers to use these environmentally friendly materials in new applications. Never before thought possible. All this is possible thanks to PC T's unusual team. Pct combines the technological team skills in research, engineering and product management with the business team, strengths in marketing strategy sales and account management to create a thoughtful and forward-thinking company. Pcts day-to-day collaborative approach brings together collective experiences, aspirations and ideas.

Next product we're going into the floor coatings, we make an elastomeric floor coating for pedestrian foot traffic. It'S called liquid granite, that's available in six different patterns. Now that's for pedestrian foot traffic, commercial foot traffic! When you apply that you first put down a coat of the super primer, which I mentioned earlier, which is a thin clear, pure acrylic primer, and then you pour out the liquid granite, pour it out on the surface and use a trowel just a round edged trial. A rectangular trowel you just trowel it on the surface, real popular on entryways, porches and landings for residential commercial there's, a patio deck there. Somebody even did a shower with it. People do countertops with it. As I mentioned, you simply pour and spread you pour it out on the surface. Just pour a puddle of it out a standard trowel it'll go on wood concrete. You can put it directly on wood without any primer. Concrete I'd recommend super primer. Again, that's available in six different patterns. It'S very self leveling sets up in about 3-4 hours. On a you know, the weather conditions for all our coatings. You want to be between 50 and 90 degrees. Fahrenheit have direct sunlight, no forecaster rain, because they're all waterborne coatings - you just want Sun in the sky, so you got nice direct UVs, no forecast terrain in between 50 and 90. Alaska barrier can actually go down to 32, which is our gray rubber base coat for roofs, but everything else is between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a gentleman who did his entire pool deck with liquid granite that apologized for the quality of this video. He took it on his cell phone and just sent it to us it's pretty grainy, but what he did is he got a hopper sprayer for spraying, sheetrock, mud on and a compressor and a hose as a horizontal surface. He masked off the pool with plastic. Then just sprayed it at a 45-degree angle, all around his pool very easy soap and water cleanup very durable and rugged. It will withstand de-icer rock salt. Snow shovels very rugged, it'll withstand a lot of abuse, plus it's such a busy pattern. It'S easy to touch up because you, you can just brush it on there and you can't see where you've touched up, because it's such a Multi pattern.

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