Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Surface Protective Coating

[, Music, ], hey folks, no matter the size or type of your RV for over 30 years, we here at 13, have been protecting RVs and their owners from mold mildew, premature, fading and structural corrosion. Our specially engineered coatings retain your RVs value and reduces your maintenance. Hi I'm waiting, trees, founder and chief formulator for dirt 8. I come from a family of chemical engineers and I'm an RV enthusiast. I invite you to learn more about our warranty back products: Music, ], hi, Carol, hey! What'S uh, what's going on here! Well, I think this is our new RV. Ah congratulations! This is a great choice and we will definitely be getting fresh start now. That'S a good idea. Studies have shown that there are up to 1,500 times more potentially harmful germs and viruses and bacteria in an RV than the average household we developed our fresh start treatment to not only reduce the risk of these harmful germs and viruses for up to five years, but To help eliminate odors in all of your living spaces as well, whether its pet odors, mold and mildew or germs, and viruses dureth Haynes fresh start gives your RV wealth. A fresh start door opens fresh start treatment, is environmentally friendly, meeting EPA standards and is undetectable to sight and feel big difference. Isn'T it yeah smells great and the treatment lasts for five years dirt Eanes fresh start is the only way to start your life on the road protect you and all of your living spaces. Today, Music, ], hey Carol, hey Wade, look at these streaks Wade! Oh boy, that's gon na be tough to remove. They can permanently stay in your coaches finish. Has this been waxed uh? I don't think so. I'M just trying to get these streaks off. Did you know most manufacturers recommend waxing every three months to prevent that kind of staining? That'S a lot of waxing. It sure is that's why we created dirt Eanes vc-1. What'S dirty ng's vc-1, imagine not needing to wax your RV dealing with black streaks staining premature, fading or nasty bug, and bird stains. Hurricane vc-1 exterior coating creates a tough, yet smooth, transparent barrier that adds mirrors to your RVs exterior finish. Vc-1 is a specially formulated coating that makes for a maintenance dream come true. There is no need for waxing for up to five years and it's so easy to keep your RV clean, [, Music, ] wow. This is nice fabric and it needs protecting with dura Taine's vc to textile coating. It adds years to your RV, carpets, curtains, furniture, headliner wall panels and upholstery vc2 prevents permanent black mold staining and makes your fabric and textiles easy to clean. Vc2 is a resin based formula that attaches to each fiber in your RV. It'S non-toxic and mold resistant vc2 textile coating is safe with kids and pets and there is no need to worry about food or drink stains becoming permanent dirt. Eanes vc2 textile coating is going to help, keep it that way for many years to come Carol. What are you doing a lot of work? You know it der teens vc3 on encoding. You don't have to do that. What really you bet by selecting vc3 you're, protecting your awning leather and vinyl, with a polymer bond that preserves the color and resists cracking and fading vc3 forms a barrier against oil and water-based spills. It'S non glossy and maintains the natural look and feel of the treated areas. Well, what about mold? Not a problem. Vc3 has mold inhibitors that protect against mold and mildew. You'Ll have a very cleanable surface with no black mold staining vc3 is guaranteed for five years. I like that, and it lengthens the life of your RVs, awning, leather and vinyl. This is very nice Cheers again it's a beautiful rig Carol. Thank you so much, and thanks for the dirt, an exterior protection, I'm worried about the undercarriage, though well, it's true that structural corrosion arresting starts almost immediately after narvi is built, but with dirty knits, nothing to worry about. There Carol, you've protected the exterior of your RV. Now, let's look at what's happening underneath the underside of your RV is literally subject to all kinds of rough conditions, including salt temperature, extremes, condensation and electrical chemical processes, all of which lead to rust and corrosion of the different metals and materials. But this premature failure to your RVs foundation is avoidable. Dur attains VC force. Military-Grade shield undercoating protects the metals of your RV, with a coating that seals joints and seams protects against rusting that cause a structural corrosion and is guaranteed for 10 years. Extend the life of your RV today, protect it with dirt. Eanes vc4 shielded under coating looks like this. Rv is ready to roll Carol. We cannot wait whether you're a longtime, RV owner or just starting out begin. Your RV experience with the protection of any of our 13 products. Our professionals are ready to work for you to ensure you benefit from the best quality products and top-notch customer service that adds value to your investment and enjoyment of RV ownership. Thanks for watching Applause, ] [, Music, ]

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